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Water treatment
Zenit Water treatment

Water treatment

Zenit, a leader in water treatment solutions

Aeration and mixing of wastewater are the basic processes in water treatment and require the use of special highly efficient and reliable equipment.
ZENIT offers a highly practical and concrete solution with our submersible pumps and water treatment plants. In recent years, we have invested in the development of our aeration and mixing products and have quickly become a point of reference for industry professionals.

Our fine bubble disk air diffusers, 9” and 12”, stand out for their high quality perforated membranes which combine excellent oxygen transfer with low pressure drops, and minimum energy consumption.

Our 2" tubular diffusers are ideal for extractable systems and wherever a large diffusion surface must be provided by a small number of diffusers.

Our Venturi type submerged aerators provide effective mixing and aeration and are generally used in first rainfall homogenisation and storage tanks.
They are made by connecting submersible pumps with power levels up to 30 kW to channel-type hydraulic units with large free passage combined with OXY series ejector devices.
OXY submerged oxygenation units are used in civil and industrial wastewater treatment and purification plants, or whenever combined oxygenation and mixing are required without the need to empty the tank.

Our Propeller series mixers and flow-generators provide excellent efficiency and low energy consumption. They install in tanks of any shape and size, thanks to a wide range of installation accessories which enable them to be located anywhere in the tank.
They are used in water treatment mixing processes where large quantities of liquid have to be kept in motion to prevent sedimentation.