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Wastewater purification
Zenit Wastewater purification

Wastewater purification

Zenit, a point of reference for wastewater purification specialists

Wastewater purification is the process of removing contaminants from municipal or industrial wastewater, or from effluent which has been contaminated by organic or inorganic pollutants.

Fluid purification consists in a series of steps (processes) which remove the pollutants from the wastewater and concentrate them as sludge, thus yielding a final effluent which can be dumped safely into the ground, lakes, rivers or the sea without damaging them.
The treatment is composed of a combination of several chemical, physical and biological processes. The sludges resulting from the purification process are often contaminated with toxic substances and must in turn be treated before disposal in special dumps or reuse in agriculture or composting plants.
Zenit offers a wide range of products for collecting and transferring wastewater, as well as for aerating and mixing it, including submersible electric pumps, air diffusers, submerged aerators and mixers.

Our submersible electric pumps are available with open multi-channel, vortex with full free passage, open single-channel and closed single/double-channel impellers with power ratings up to 37 kW and 2, 4 or 6 poles, combined according to need with Venturi submerged aerators for combined mixing and aeration.

As regards our air diffusers, we offer 9" and 12" fine bubble disk diffusers as well as 2” tubular diffusers for extractable systems.

Finally, our Propeller series mixers offer high efficiency and low energy consumption, which are increasingly required in wastewater purification plants.