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Lifting stations Zenit
Zenit Lifting stations Zenit

Lifting stations

Water collection lifting stations

The BlueBOX lifting station is a polyethylene water collection tank.
It can be used, in combination with Zenit Blue Series pumps, for transferring or lifting domestic wastewater into the sewer network when the latter is elevated or cannot be reached by gravity alone.
Their construction characteristics make BlueBOX lifting stations extremely versatile and easy to install.
The special shape is inspired by the Pininfarina design of Blue Series pumps.

The BlueBOX lifting station is available in four sizes: 90 – 150 - 250 litres for installation with one pump, and 400 litres for installation with two pumps.
The tank is fitted with handles for easy handling.
The BlueBOX lifting station has a large interior floor on which the pump can be rested (free installation), or alternatively the pump can be secured with a foot for a fixed installation.
In case of pump failure, the BlueBOX has a large opening at the top which allows an emergency pump to be dropped into it to drain the tank out in preparation for maintenance.
Alternatively, there is a drain hole located to allow the tank to be drained almost completely under the action of gravity.

Pump starts and stops can be controlled by float switches inside the lifting station. The float switches must be connected to an electrical cabinet supplied by Zenit.
The electrical cables are passed through special patented rubber cable glands that ensure a perfectly airtight seal.

The BlueBOX lifting station is a valid solution for domestic applications due to its technology, and is simple to operate and install by plumbers and installers.