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Hydraulic accessories
Zenit Hydraulic accessories

Hydraulic accessories

Discover the vast range of Zenit hydraulic accessories

Zenit offers a wide range of hydraulic accessories aimed at satisfying all market requirements for water treatment products.
These include a range of devices for coupling, base plates, check valves, gate valves, bends and flushing valves.

Coupling devices

Coupling devices are essential accessories for making a reversible hydraulic connection between the pump and the outlet pipe. This system allows the pump to be brought to the surface and then quickly reconnected, with no need to drain the tank, often an expensive operation involving lengthy plant stoppages. Perfect coupling between flange and device is ensured on all units in the Zenit range by a rubber gasket. In addition, all bottom devices are designed with two guide pipes for perfect trouble-free alignment during coupling.

Base plates

Base plates for FREE installation allow the pump to be positioned in the tank quickly and ensure a high level of stability thanks to the large contact surface. Made of cast iron (GJS-600.3) or galvanized steel.

Check valves

Zenit check valves, certified EN 12050-4 annex ZA standard EN 12050-4, are designed for use even with soiled liquids and provide full guarantees of operation even under heavy-duty working conditions.
The sinking ball system ensures a free passage since, at maximum opening, the valve has a completely free main line, greatly reducing pressure drops. The fact that it can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position provides greater versatility and optimal assembly.

Gate valves

Knife gate valves, with handwheel control, have various functions and are used as interception units to regulate the flow in a pipe or to temporarily isolate a section of the plant.

Flushing valves

Sediments often form in lifting stations which collect the wastewater from drain systems.
Over time, the solids are compacted and reduce the available volume to the tank, often leading to the pump clogging. A specific procedure involving lengthy, expensive system shutdown, is therefore necessary to remove them.
The FLX flushing valve is an hydraulic accessory that automatically generates an adjustable-direction jet of water inside the pit whenever the pump is restarted thus preventing the sedminent collecting on the bottom of the tank.