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Grinder pumps
Zenit Grinder pumps

Grinder pumps

Grinder pumps for domestic and industrial applications

Zenit GRINDER (GR) pumps are ideal for lifting domestic and civil wastewater, even when soiled with filaments. Depending on the intended use, Zenit offers grinder pumps with two different grinder systems.

For domestic and professional grinder pumps, driven by 2 pole motors, the grinder is composed of a triangular rotating blade on the intake port.
This chops the filaments and fibres finely so that the water can be delivered to the sewer outlet without the risk of clogging. A wide range of models is available for every need.

The domestic range includes GR BluePRO, GRS and GRE grinder pumps, with motors from 0.74 to 1.7 kW. The professional range, on the other hand, includes the GRN and GRP models with powers from 1.8 to 7.2 kW, ideal for lifting fluids soiled with suspended solid and fibrous matter and active sludges.

Zenit's industrial grinder pumps, combined with 4 pole motors are an expansion of the GRN range with an innovative grinding system.
This grinding system is composed of a robust S-shaped impeller which rotates snug against the diffuser plate with a toothed suction hole. Both the impeller and the diffuser plate are in EN-GJS-600-3 cast iron, heat treated for greater surface hardness.
This special type of grinder pump is recommended for agricultural, livestock farming and civil applications, with heavily soiled fluids.