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Electric drainage pumps
Zenit Electric drainage pumps

Electric drainage pumps

Electric drainage pumps for civil and professional applications

Zenit (DR) electric drainage pumps are a safe and reliable solution for many domestic, civil and industrial sewer water transfer requirements.
For domestic and civil applications, we offer drainage pumps with power ratings from 0.37 to 1.5 kW, with vertical outlet ports (1 1/4” and 2”) or horizontal threaded and flanged outlet ports for quick and easy installation.

Our drainage pumps are in cast iron throughout, and are equipped with a intake strainer which allows solid matter of up to 20 mm diameter to pass through.
The combination of motors and hydraulic equipment available make our domestic models the perfect solution for treating clear and slightly soiled water.
For the industrial sector, Zenit proposes a range of high performance modular drainage pumps, with motors from 1.8 up to 19.3 kW and free passages up to 115 mm diameter.

Our professional drainage pumps are equipped with double and triple mechanical seals and are available in 2, 4 and 6 pole models.
Zenit's range of drainage pumps also includes numerous ATEX certified models for use in the presence of potentially explosive fluids, powders and gas.
Furthermore, we also offer CF8M stainless steel and B10 bronze drainage pumps for chemical and naval industry applications, for conveying saline water and aggressive fluids.