The Zenit Group
Zenit and the environment

Ethics, Responsibility, Environment

In the conduct of our business, we give high priority to social responsibility, by working to produce products that are useful, reliable and safe.

What’s more, we actually use a proportion of our company’s profits to promote the development of the local community and finance projects of a social nature, and we have always realised that the foundations of progress lie in the wellbeing of the community, and its economic, cultural and social growth.

To make the bond between the environment, nature and the company even more tangible, our latest Company Profile incorporates the Zenit-Tree metaphor, in which every element of nature has a close link to the firm.

The purpose of these operations is not only to foster a corporate philosophy that aims to develop policies of social sustainability, but also to attempt to promote, through our brand, the fundamental concept of the importance of nature and the environment for human life.

Zenit Company Profile