The Zenit Group
Zenit Group

Il Gruppo Zenit
The Zenit Group ranks among the top international names in the design and manufacture of water treatment technologies.

Its core business is the design and manufacture of submersible electric pumps for both domestic and industrial use. Thanks to the knowledge and experience it has acquired over the years Zenit has also featured on the market with oxygenating and mixing products, providing a comprehensive range of items designed to meet the most demanding needs.

A solid tradition, dynamism and a penchant for innovation are the salient qualities that have led to Zenit’s steady growth, while allowing its origins and objectives to remain unobscured.

Shrewd corporate decision making has enabled the Zenit Group to carve itself considerable portions of the market in whose sectors it operates, thus ensuring its customers high technological content and ever-innovative services.

Its product differentiation in relation to that of competitors has enabled Zenit to establish with its customers a relationship of growing respect. Zenit is aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and daily it strives to increase the fidelity of its customers. We understand the value of finding a willing, efficient and competent business partner and every day at Zenit we work with these objectives in mind to consolidate and increase the faith our customers have placed in us.

Today Zenit is a Group that manages to have direct control over the markets it operates in, thanks to a targeted territorial presence.

The Zenit Group is comprised of different companies across the globe, each of them with their own structure and assets, but all operating in pursuit of a single mutual objective. The water treatment production sites and distribution offices are as follows:

Zenit Italia
 Zenit Italia
production site and sales office for the Italian market
Zenit China
 Zenit Pumps Suzhou
production site and sales office for the Chinese market
Zenit Asia Pacific
 Zenit Asia Pacific
sales office and regional office for the Asian-Pacific and Oceanic market
Zenit Europe
 Zenit Europe
sales office and regional office for Europe, the Middle East and Africa

The current structure of the Zenit Group is the result of a successful combination of entrepreneurial strategies and appraisals that have led to integration between company and globalization. Strong in the conviction that the path we have undertaken is the right one we journey along it together towards a single aim, accompanied by the 3P formula that has been our constant companion: People – Product – Passion