The Zenit Group
Mission And Vision

Declaration of values based on respect

We inspire our work according to loyalty principles, honesty and respect for man, we dedicate ourselves to the environment and society.

We believe in product, process and concept innovation, as an instrument to generate new opportunities. Aware that, as a whole, the economical subjects determine the future, and we want to be part of it.

Believing in the empowerment means operating in a company, respecting a quality approach, an objectives direction and an organisational development of Human Resources.
Such aspects imply the involvement of all the collaborators in the company dynamics, promoting training, professional growth, the increase in the control of one’s own tasks and the capacity to evaluate one’s own work, autonomously and responsibly.
An organisational culture which wants to diffuse the predisposition to invest constructive energies in the development of the various activities, through a positive attitude towards the expectations of success.
Zenit believes in empowerment!


Cooperation, participation, synergy. In Zenit, each component has its own task, but they all work together to reach the objectives of the organisation. A reality which interprets profit not as absolute value, but as expression of management efficiency and as instrument to support the development conditions.


Our style distinguishes itself for the passion which integrates competence and professionalism, in the realisation of every project.

A Passion which livens, motivates, involves, taking with it enthusiasm, precision, commitment in research. In this sense, an interpretation of the activity as dynamic expression of the potentials and capacities of a person, is proposed.


We interpret Competition as a push to improve and the market as a gym for confrontation, growing and developing.

In this sense, we believe in the importance of the additional value, “of that something extra” as principle of differentiation and as starting point in the research for alternative solutions.


To openly manifest one’s own choices and projects is essential if one wishes to obtain trust from both collaborators and clients, and be able to ask for it in return.

Transparency and trust are essential in any activity based on merit and value recognition.

In Zenit we work with these criteria, in this way, even the human relationship can gain from the major communicative efficiency of informality, though remaining based on the maximum respect of professional value.


We pursue the quality of products and services as a consequence of the company organisation and as inspiring principle in the relationships with clients and with the community. The quality is the result of a process based on responsibility and the necessary condition of any opportunity of well-being.


On performing our activity, we recognise the important value of social responsibility, committing ourselves in the realisation of useful, reliable and safe work.

Not only, we concretely use part of the company profits to promote the local community development and to finance social projects and have always recognised the basis for improving the community well-being and its economical, cultural and social development.