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High efficiency submergible electric pumps
Uniqa - Techological evolution

The UNIQA® range represents the perfect solution for any civil, industrial or professional application, with a choice of 2, 4, 6 or 8 pole motors from 4 to 355 kW, 50 and 60Hz, and discharge ports from DN50 to DN500. The vortex impeller that allows for wider free passage, paired with the anti-clogging system, guarantees the optimum performance of every UNIQA® model in any application.

A vortex of energy
Submersible electric pumps
The wide range of Zenit submersible electric pumps, comprising models with channel and Vortex impellers, with or without grinding system, is able to satisfy all requirements relating to the pumping of clear or soiled wastewaters and those containing aggressive and abrasive liquids.
Zenit products are used in the domestic, civil and industrial sectors.
Water and air
Aeration and Mixing System
Zenit offers a line of aeration and mixing products for the highly specialised civil and industrial wastewater treatment sector.We are able to offer a range of 9" and 12" disc-shaped and 2" tubular air diffusers, Venturi-type submerged aerators and mixers – flow-makers with self-cleaning propellers
Collection and transfer
Lifting systems
Zenit prefabricated lifting stations are an effective solution for collecting and pumping wastewater to the sewer system, when a gravity feed is not available. They are mainly used in rural or hilly areas with low population density, without an extensive municipal sewer system. Zenit offers a full range of models for any kind of application, from small domestic installations (NanoBOX and BlueBOX) to more complex systems for civil installations (BOX PRO).
An accessory that makes the difference
Hydraulic accessories
A large assortment of hydraulic accessories is available for each submersible electric pump. Our product range is able to provide base plates, coupling devices, check valves, gate valves and flushing valves.
Everything under control
Electric accessories
To allow convenient, efficient control of your system, Zenit offers you a large choice of electrical accessories to improve the quality of the time you spend on system inspections and repairs. Electrical and electronic control panels, alarms and remote control units are all available in the specific section