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Submersible electric pumps

MA Single-channel open impeller

The MA family consists of electric pumps with single-channel open impeller which guarantees very high performances and ample free passages, often entirely free passages, which reduce the risk of fouling. Units in this family can be used for lifting sewage, for wastewater treatment plants, and for industrial applications in general.

Power from 0.74 to 4.1 kW

The unusual shape of the impeller blade and diffuser plate ensures that solids will be ejected by providing them with an escape route. A special tapered bushing can be used to adjust the axial play of the impeller to restore hydraulic performance lost due to wear of moving parts, guaranteeing a longer working life and constant efficiency over time. The location of the blades in the rear of the impeller doubles the water flow through the cooling jacket, in installations in dry chamber, reducing the risk of fouling and ensuring the motor is cooled effectively even in heavy-duty conditions.

MA impeller used with motors from 0.74 to 4.1 kW
Suitable for pumping wastewater from public establishments, small sewer systems, livestock farms, the food industry and agriculture.
Used with unstrained soiled biological wastewaters and sewage and for civil lifting applications. It is thus ideal for wastewater treatment plants, sewer systems, livestock farms, industry and agriculture. The pump is also available in explosion-proof version with ATEX certification. This series is prefitted for installation of the ZENIT cooling system for dry or semi-submerged installation.
Designed specifically for use where there are traces of flammable liquids or in potentially explosive atmospheres, the MAF can be used with liquids containing traces of flammable substances, and in gassy environments.