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Gate valves

The knife gate valves, with handwheel control, have various functions and are used as interception units to regulate the flow in a pipeline or to temporarily isolate a section of the plant.
The gate valves have a structure in GJL-250 cast iron inside of which are the mechanisms used to partially or totally block the flow.
This product is set up to receive a servomotor for the remote partial or total opening/ closing (without manual intervention).
The Zenit gate valves are made of GJL-250 cast iron, the gate's sliding seat is in brass to ensure maneuverability over time, even after long periods without use.
The flanges meet the UNI standards and ensure that they are perfectly interchangeable.
They are mainly used in civil and industrial wastewater treatment and distribution plants in general.

• structure in GJL-250 cast iron
• stainless steel shaft with O-ring seal
• bronze seats
• epoxy paint
• can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position
• integral free passage when fully open