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Check valves

Zenit check valves, certified EN 12050-4 annex ZA standard EN 12050-4, are designed for use even with soiled liquids and provide full guarantees of operation even under heavy-duty working conditions.
The sinking ball system ensures a free passage since, at maximum opening, the valve has a completely free main line, greatly reducing pressure drops.
The fact that it can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position provides greater versatility and optimal assembly.
Clapet valves can be used for non abrasive clear wastewaters. Zenit models have a structure and disc made of GJL-250 cast iron and a seat of brass and EPDM rubber. The lever, which allows the mechanism to be moved, is made of GJS 400 cast iron in order to provide maximum reliability. The conformance to international design regulations expedites the installation and makes them compatible with any standard flange.

• structure and head in GJL-250 cast iron
• seal in EPDM rubber
• brass seats
• epoxy paint resistant to aggressive liquids
• can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position
• screws can be used for the manual partial opening of the valve. This option is particularly useful for the draini...
The entire range of ball valves have "rubber on rubber" coupling (rubber ball;seal on rubber gaskets).
• structure in GJL-250 cast iron with rubber seals included
• sinking ball in NBR rubber
• sealing ensured by rubber on rubber contact
• stainless steel metal fasteners
• epoxy paint resistant...