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The BlueBOX series consists of high quality rotary moulded polyethylene tanks for collecting white and black waste water.
The 90, 150 and 250 litre models are equipped to house an electric pump, and are ideal for small domestic installations.
The 400 litre model is intended for medium capacity applications and is designed for use with two electric pumps.
The tanks' special shape is inspired by Pininfarina's design for the Blue Series of submersible pumps.
Their construction characteristics and wide range of accessories make BlueBOX systems extremely versatile and easy to install.

BlueBOX 90-150
• 90 and 150 litres version for one pump directly installed
• walk-over cover
• O-ring seal between tank and cover
• simplified inlet, outlet and air venting pipe connections with seal
• integral lifting handles
• fitted for emergency emptying using a tap
• patented airtight cable gland allowi...
BlueBOX 250-400
• 250 litre version for one pump and 400 litre version for two pumps
• can be installed directly coupled or with coupling device
• walk-over cover
• O-ring seal between tank and cover
• simplified intake pipeline installation with seal
• airtight cable gland seals
• integral lifting handle
• ...