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High efficiency in Pingshan power plant

Water treatment in Anhui Province.PDF Version

In accordance with the hydrological features in Huaibei area, Pingshan Power plant will have great water supply volume consumed. Therefore, the water pumping issue from the station to the water treatment plant calls for an urgent solution for the benefit of the plant’s long-term application.
Moreover, the coal-fired units adopted by the power plant are equipped with the desulphurization equipment for the sake of the environmental protection, which requires more stable water lifting system.

By installing Zenit high-efficient UNIQA for total 4 pieces. Under the team work of the after-sales service staff, the 4 UNIQA were successfully hoisted and installed into the pumping station.
Product adopted: ZUG OC200G 132/4AW 460
Zenit helped completing the transportation, the hoisting, the installation and the test of the products.

zenit cina reference

The application of UNIQA could elevate the efficiency of plant’s water system and lower the consumption of the energy both. Besides, the effective IE3 motor plus excellent hydraulic performances help customers realize the tremendous savings on the operation cost.

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