Our values

Zenitconsiders professional qualification and expertise, along with its research and development activities, to be one of the many core values it focuses on in order to expand and develop its business.
Investing in manpower and training is how Zenitplans to invest in the future.
This is why we offer all our staff the possibility to achieve professional growth, express their potential to the full, whilst creating new specialisations in line with our new projects.

Zenit is a young and dynamic company, as seen in the average age of its staff which ranges from 30 to 35 years of age.

Personnel recruitment processes focus constantly on identifying highly motivated and ambitious candidates who want to grow within a fast moving company.

Keeping ahead of the times is fundamental for the Zenit Group in order to respond to the increasingly complex developments in its market sector where high in-house levels of culture and know-how are a core asset. From this point of view human resources are a strategic resource on which ongoing investments are a must.

The Zenit Groupis looking for recently graduated resources who are looking to achieve professional growth in a stimulating and dynamic context and also experts with excellent professional backgrounds who are looking for a highly challenging position.

Recruitment procedures include the analysis of résumés and individual and group interviews, during trainee and apprenticeship periods, degree thesis developed within the company, contacts with Job Placement, framework agreements with Universities and collaboration with Professional Training Agencies.